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Roger Newell, Guitarist Magazine:

"a treasure fit for a king"
"The fretboard is ebony, its matt black providing the ideal contrast to the body whose hardware is also finished in black, giving an uncluttered look to this lovely instrument."
"This guitar is very comfortable to wear, standing or sitting, and the contoured body fits the player well."
"The neck is very smooth partly thanks to the ebony fretboard, which can make playing very fast if desired."
"The KBG’s sound quality is excellent, with good sustain and string balance across the whole neck."
"this bass has been a joy to play, in all respects, as well as a pleasure to look at [it] just oozes quality from every grain and winding."
"a custom-built machine so left-handers fear not and it works impressively. Give this baby a try."

Dave Burrluck, Guitar Magazine:

"we forget the sheer brilliance of our home-grown guitar makers this thinline jazzer [is] exceptional."
"the snowflake inlaid ebony fingerboard features immaculate fretting even the fingerboard edges are slightly rounded to ease the hand."
"eminently comfortable the top frets [are] super-accessible."
"crystalline highs and articulation"
"impressive stuff an excellent custom guitar."

Penny Braybrook, Guitarist Magazine:

"The frets are well seated and perfectly finished, in fact, the whole bass is exceptionally well made."
"The tone was quite versatile and extremely pleasant."
"The bass certainly offers a lot of personality and probably suits exactly the customer’s requirements" "KGB have made an extremely successful bass, possibly perfect."

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